The Judge

This poem is about giving up judgment. It was written using ballad stanzas.

A child was born, his mother’s first,
___Who tried each thing he could;
Each thing he tasted with his mouth
___To see if it was good.

A growing boy, he learned from books
___What people love and prize;
He learned of virtue and of good,
___And he became more wise.

As he determined what to praise
___And what to fast condemn,
He judged each thing with expertise,
___Be it a rock or gem.

The man became an expert judge,
___And all throughout the land
His judgment was a valued thing
___For its unbiased stand.

But after many years of life,
___The man began to doubt;
He felt his judgments were not just;
___What was it all about?

The things he’d learned in all the books
___He felt were simply air;
The judgments that he’d made till now,
___They were not just or fair.

He felt he could not see the whole
___And he felt quite confused;
Have I been wrong about my life?
___Have I my job misused?

How do I know how things will work
___When all is said and done?
The things that I have judged against
___Could be the shining sun.

And so the judge withdrew his claim
___That he could wisely make
Decisions for the people’s lives;
___He felt he’d been a fake.

I’m not aware of all the things
___That go into our life;
And if I stop my judgments now,
___Perhaps I’ll know less strife.

It was a heavy burden that
___I’ve carried on my back;
I’ve judged against or for a man;
___I’ll drop my heavy pack.

And from now on I will not judge;
___I’ll let Someone more wise;
He sees and knows how all things work;
___He has clean thoughts and eyes.

Each thing that I opined against,
___It could have been His plan
To use it as a way to life;
___I will no longer ban.

And now the man accepts all things;
___He’s free and he is glad;
He lets the Spirit do His work,
___Calls nothing good or bad.

And if he finds his mind goes back
___To its judgmental ways,
He views his thoughts, but lets them go,
___And so he spends his days.

(written c. November 2017)

“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2, NASB)

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