Love Does Not Discriminate

When it comes to love, we have made two major mistakes. First, we believe that we can love only a few people, while we ignore or hate the rest. Second, we believe that physical, sexual passion is the highest or most intense expression of love.

The first mistake assumes that love is like a laser, and not like a star. A laser provides a focused output of light, while a star shines its light indiscriminately on everything around it, without selecting some things and rejecting others. A laser provides little light and can only illuminate a small area, while leaving everything else in the dark. A star, on the other hand, shines its light in all directions and leaves nothing in the dark.

Does a star represent promiscuity or real love? We can provide a better answer to this question when we realize that the physical act of sex is not the only or primary expression of love. If everything that we think and do is informed by love, then we won’t consider sex to be the primary way to “make love.” It will merely be another act informed by love. In fact, if we love like a star, then everyone around us will benefit, and we ourselves will benefit by gaining joy from fulfilling our function. Our essence is love and our function is to extend our love in all directions, and we cannot be happy if we try to limit ourselves and our love to only a few people.

Because most of us are currently trying to love like lasers, there is not enough light or love to go around, and we are like black holes, which absorb all the light around but do not provide any light of their own. This is why we usually feel empty, needy, and unsatisfied. We try to take all the light or love that we can while giving very little in return. Therefore, we live in spiritual poverty.

This would all change if we loved indiscriminately and realized that love is a spiritual thing, not a physical thing. Instead of being black holes of need and desire, we could all be stars that gave light and love to everyone around. Then we would all have an abundance. We would become net givers rather than net takers and this spiritual abundance would make us truly happy.

And those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above; and those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

—Daniel 12:3 (ESV)

(written July 2019)

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