The Beast

This poem is about the beast of guilt and fear. It was written using five-syllable lines, couplets.

The repressed beast sleeps
In the heart that keeps
Its guilt hid away
And does not allay
The resulting fear
That judgment is near

People have a mask
With the simple task
Of hiding the beast
But guilt is a yeast
That grows in the shade
And nerves are thus frayed

Under calm layers
Are unspoken prayers
That the beast won’t break
From its bonds and shake
The mind’s calm repose
When its anger grows

When we feel annoyed
We cannot avoid
Knowing that the beast
Must be fast policed
And when we feel rage
It’s breaking its cage

Resentment’s a sign
That all is not fine
When we’re uneasy
It becomes easy
To know just how near
Dwells the beast of fear

The beast is not real
But we will still feel
Its presence inside
While guilt we do hide
The beast lives in shade
And keeps us afraid

But if we forgive
The beast will not live
The beast will dissolve
When we do absolve
Our self and neighbor
A novel labor

And when we are through
The world will be new
Our guilt will take flight
Along with our fright
The beast forgotten
As not begotten

(written c. April 2016)

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