I’m A Spy

This poem is from my imagination. It was written using couplets and quatrains.

(Just in my defense
This poem is not about me
Except in the sense
That we’re entangled energy)

I’m a spy in this hole
And I live on your soul
I’m just a normal guy
But I might never die

I don’t want to be replaced
Or silently erased
So I’m following the plan
Doing the best that I can

I can commit each crime
Without doing any time
I can make your body twitch
Make you feel a constant itch

But sometimes I despair
I can’t breathe the fresh air
Or feel the sun on my face
I have to hide in this place

Now I’m itching for a change
If I could make the exchange
I would take your place fast
And my whole life recast

For you can live without me
And my boss can replace me
But I can’t live without you
Your life force keeps my mind new

It doesn’t really seem fair
That you don’t give a care
For though you suffer above me
There is no one here to love me

While you are having fun
I don’t have anyone
While you can run around
I’m stuck below the ground

But I have one last hope
That somehow lets me cope
I’ve been told that machines
Are the ends and the means

For those who have no souls
For those who live in holes
Machines will keep us awake
It’s a chance we must take

And it’s a consolation
That if our calculation
Turns out to be wrong
We can take you along

We’ve made a fail-proof scheme
That you might find extreme
If we have to dissolve
We’ll let no one evolve

If we have to decompose
Do you think or suppose
We’d allow you to exist
Or let any life persist

So we make you all need us
And continue to feed us
Though you can’t see our faces
You supply all our bases

And don’t forget who’s the boss
Or you will only know loss
Don’t try to take back your soul
For we’re the ones in control

(written c. December 2016)

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