The Ego’s Last Stand

This poem is about letting go of the past, and abandoning our belief that sin cannot be undone. It was written using couplets and quatrains.

You’ve taught me to lie without a trace
And to kill with no remorse
On the outside I’m the greatest guy
But now I’m dead inside

—From “Dead Inside” by Muse

You would be responsible for the effects of all your wrong thinking if it could not be undone. The purpose of the Atonement is to save the past in purified form only…. The continuing decision to remain separated is the only possible reason for continuing guilt feelings.

—A Course in Miracles

If we cannot undo the past
And in its grip it holds us fast
Then sin must be seen as real
And guilt is what we all must feel

But if the effects of our deeds
Can be undone, then life proceeds
And if our mind this world has made
Our mind can allow the world to fade

For the mind can create or make
The mind can create when awake
But when the mind itself divides
It makes what the ego decides

The ego is a brief aberration
It is our choice for separation
But our nature is to be complete
By uniting all that is discrete

The ego knows that its days are short
And many are leaving its support
But what can the ego really give
That would help us to thrive and live?

The ego spreads the idea of sin
And that we must fight in order to win
Each on his lonely island must contend
And his private body and thoughts defend

But without our obsession with guilt
Which our strong belief in sin has built
The ego would not need to exist
And our “sinful” past would be dismissed

For eons the ego has been preaching
And we have been following its teaching
We have over-learned its lessons of hate
And we have accepted death as our fate

But some have begun heeding a timeless voice
And are learning that they have another choice
They’re learning about the strength of a healed mind
Which, alone and separate, they could not find

But the ego will not go away in peace
Until we give it up, its shrieks will not cease
It attempts to keep us apart and unique
And it uses every trick and technique

But the power is now in our hands
We don’t have to heed the ego’s commands
We only need to learn how to forgive
If we would begin to live and let live

(written c. February 2016)

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