The Middle Way

This poem is about the middle way, in which all people are seen as brothers. It was written using couplets.

Now, it looks like it’s gone nationwide
Too much pride
It’s the oldest form of suicide
Too much pride

–Don Henley, “Too Much Pride”

How to avoid the slavish side
While also shunning too much pride?
We can discover the middle way
When we choose oneness today
For oneness keeps us side-by-side
And helps us shun abasement and pride

We can follow some, and lead others
Or see all people as our brothers
But because we all need a guide
We must choose to follow a side
One part of us tends unity to divide
While the other does for oneness decide

All of heaven will support our decision
If we choose clearly to reject division
But the world in which we currently dwell
Supports our choice for division and hell
So each choice we make is by others backed
Whether we have forgiven or attacked

If we take the God of heaven’s side
Then we’ll avoid slavery, and also pride
But if we choose this world of division
Then we will separation envision
And some brothers will become a slave
While others will beat those who misbehave

And pride will do a dance with fear
And they will not let love come near
For love overlooks all separations
That are formed within associations
But pride and fear are abominations
That make enemies of friendly nations

So shun the temptation to be proud
If other people to you have bowed
And shun the desire to be a slave
Do not your right to freedom waive
But choose the middle way of unity
It is the way to love and joy, you’ll see

(written c. October 2015)

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