A Message from the 23rd Century

Click to download a PDF of the story: A_Message_from_the_23rd_Century

This short story about the future might be classified as science fiction, but it is different from typical science fiction in many ways. Instead of war, there is peace; instead of conflict, harmony; instead of destruction, healing; instead of technology, powers of the mind. The story presents a picture of a possible future of the earth about two hundred years in the future. The picture it presents might be unlike anything you have imagined. On the other hand, you might have dreamed about living in such a world of harmony and peace. In either case, the story should give you some food for thought.

An excerpt from the short story:

Part 1: Time, Records, Names
Part 2: Dreams, Extraterrestrials
Part 3: Dawn, Gratitude, Clothing
Part 4: Breakfast, Communing with Plants
Part 5: Walking Home, Healing
Part 6: Technology, Work, Healing
Part 7: Welcome Party, Procreation
Part 8: Teaching the Children, Nature
Part 9: Leaving the Body, Ascension
Part 10: Events in the 21st Century

Part 1: Time, Records, Names
I am writing to you who live in the early 21st century. I want to give you an idea of how people live on the earth in the early 23rd century. The year is 2208, according to your calendar. I mention the year only for your reference, for we think very little about time here, knowing that it is an illusion of the mind. We enjoy the present without worrying about the past or the future. We have no watches, clocks, or calendars, although we can access information about time, at any time, merely by thinking about it. In fact, we can access the record of every thought, feeling, word, and action that has taken place on earth. If we wanted to, we could even access your thoughts and feelings as you read this story. I tell you this not to make you fearful, but to show you that information is, and always has been, open and free. If you cannot access what we can access now, it is because you are not yet wholly willing to come into the light.

Translated into English, my name is Samuel. I don’t have a last name because we all know and feel that we are part of the one big family that God has created. In the following account of life in the 23rd century, my experiences in the present tense will alternate with general information about how life is now lived on earth.

Click to download a PDF of the story: A_Message_from_the_23rd_Century

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