My Body Is An Antenna

This poem is about energy and its transformation. It was written using couplet stanzas.

My body is an antenna in a sea
Of positive and negative energy

Like attracts like, and so what I receive
Are the thoughts and ideas to which I cleave

If I desire to attract only positive feelings
I must be honest and just in all of my dealings

If I wish to avoid discomfort and pain
I must all judgments completely restrain

For if I judge and attack another being
Then I am with my own judgment agreeing

For bad energy cannot be sent out
Without returning by another route

Energy can be completely transformed
To something pure from something malformed

To change all energy into something good
The practice of forgiveness must be understood

To forgive is to try to put out of our mind
All unloving thoughts and to them become blind

For if we cling to any thoughts of attack
These unloving thoughts will always come back

This energy, which is not destroyed nor created,
Can become pure when it has been translated

And our job on this earth will not be done
Until all unloving thoughts have been undone

Although this task might seem hard to fulfill
It will be done because it is God’s will

My body is an antenna that sends and receives
All that my mind considers, thinks, and believes

And we are all connected in this energy brew
So nothing is private that we think, say, or do

But we choose to believe that we are separated
So we cannot see ourselves as we were created

When we stop attacking, and judgment is done
We will see that energy and creation are one

We will no longer need to push each other away
Nor live in separate boxes to keep anger at bay

While it might take time to adjust to being one
Joy will come to all creatures under the sun

We are all antennas in an energy sea
And we will resonate as one when we agree

The truth will be accepted by everyone’s heart
Illusions will go, and we’ll make a new start

(written c. October 2013)

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