The Thief

This poem deals with ideas from the book A Course in Miracles. Specifically, it deals with the guilt surrounding the exclusive “special relationship.” This poem was written using couplets and sestets.

The soul that does itself despise
Looks for another to tell it lies
This soul seeks to throw itself away
And to steal another self as prey
And this unhappy soul’s heavy guilt
Is the base on which its ties are built

The special relationship is an attempt
To get rid of festering self-contempt
But how can this soul’s guilt cease to burn
When it offers the other nothing in return
And how can this guilt be eliminated
When love and theft have been equated

The specialness that this soul demands
Is not something that God understands
For God sees his creation as united
And with this union He is delighted
For His creation is guiltless and pure
Though illusions have made this obscure

All guilt and fear have as their cornerstone
The illusion that God’s will can be overthrown
The soul that thinks it can displace the Lord
And can in reality make endless discord
Is simply mistaken about what is real
For what can change with time is simply unreal

If one soul could another soul befriend
And exclude all others, God would end
But God and His creation are one in love
And do remain as close as hand in glove
But those who still look for special love
Remain blind to the light shining from above

The special relationship is this world’s lure
Which does the world’s continuance briefly ensure
But when this bond is seen as guilt’s protection
Illusions will fade and this bond know rejection
Through its exclusiveness, this attempted tie
Seeks heaven but does heaven totally deny

So what will become of the would-be thief
Who looks for specialness but finds no relief
From the guilt and fear and all the illusions
That result from attempted union through exclusions
This soul will realize that this world really has naught
And heaven is had by giving up the nothing he sought

(written c. May 2012)

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