The Missing Link

This poem is about the missing link in the evolutionary worldview. It was written using iambic pentameter, couplets, and quatrains.

When looking back into the fading past
Discerning how much knowledge we’ve amassed
True knowledge forms a drop within the sea
And views and people often disagree

If knowledge, circumscribed by senses dark
Does not admit the soul’s life-giving spark
Then at the well of truth we do not drink
For living spirit is the missing link

We cannot understand the path we took
When reading only half of nature’s book
For half of nature does exist without—
The inner half’s what we’re not sure about

The spirit does, perhaps, demand more thought
But wisdom is what some have always sought
And how can one be wise, denying half
And senses have become the golden calf?

Can evolution be the source of change
By causing all our genes to rearrange?
Does evolution have a goal or aim?
Can gene survival really be our game?

For what becomes of all those extra traits?
Is love reduced to what our life dictates?
Is altruism just a waste of time?
Or quite the evolutionary crime?

There is a struggle now between the views
About what makes us tick and how we choose
For some do say that there’s some good ahead
While some just want to eat their buttered bread

Some view all pleasure as a tempting thing
And take with greed all that the day does bring
But others see that pleasure leads to pain
It brings no steady good or lasting gain

If spirits all about us do surround
Although producing neither light nor sound
And if those spirits guide and plan all things
Then we can bear misfortune’s slights and stings

But if we are alone upon the earth
Then let us search for simple joys and mirth
And let us drown our sorrows with our drink
And let us just forget we’re on the brink

We shouldn’t look around for something more
Or look within, and minds and hearts explore
Unless we want to find the missing link
Which makes the world and spirit live in sync

(written c. May 2018)

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