The New Covenant

This poem is an interpretation of Jeremiah 31:31-34, from the Bible. It was written using couplets.

In the times to come, says the Lord,
I will make with people a new accord
Not like the time when I took their hand
To lead them from the enslaver’s land
I was a husband that they did provoke
For that first covenant with me they broke
But after these days I have a plan
To guide the heart of every man
I will write my law within each soul
So that police won’t need to patrol
For all my people shall know Me well
And never more will they need to tell
Another about Me for all will know
That I am with them wherever they go
And from the babies to the old men
My wisdom shall be with all of them
And all their sins will be forgotten
With all they made that was misbegotten
And all the wrongs that destroy the land
Will be undone, as I have planned

(written c. March 2011)

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