Blessed Are You

This poem is an interpretation of Matthew 5:1-12, from the Bible. It was written using couplet stanzas.

Jesus, seeing the crowds gathering around,
Went up the mountain and sat on the ground

Then all of his disciples came to him
And he opened his mouth to teach them:

Blessed are those who don’t have pride’s leaven
For they will be given the kingdom of heaven

Blessed are those who grief behold
For they will surely be consoled

Blessed are the gentle of heart
For them the earth is set apart

Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness
For they will be satisfied with nothing less

Blessed are those who offer reprieve
For they will themselves mercy receive

Blessed are those whose hearts are pure
For these people will see God for sure

Blessed are all the peacemaking ones
For they will all be called God’s sons

Blessed are those who suffer for doing what’s right
For they will see the kingdom of heaven’s light

Blessed are those who are falsely accused, oppressed,
And insulted, because they have my name confessed

Be glad, for your reward in heaven is great
For you know the persecuted prophets’ state

(written c. April 2011)

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