An Eternal Spring

This is a poem about forgiveness. It was written using couplets.

Forgiveness brings lasting peace
The kind that does not cease
It brings meaning to a world of chaos
It brings growth to thoughts of loss
It brings safety to a view of danger
It brings calmness in a time of anger
It brings answers to all your whys
It brings a certainty that never lies

But unforgiving minds hold on to fear
They never let real love come near
They are full of sadness and of woe
They will not let their resentment go
They have no hope of a painless time
They have no assurance of rest sublime
They are blind, yet see many dangers
They have friends, yet act like strangers
They are full of doubt and of confusion
They see, but perceive only illusion
They are afraid of every waking sound
They are more afraid of quietness profound
They are afraid of the darkness of the night
They are more afraid to see the light
They see in the future only their damnation
They see only their sins with no cancellation
They seek to live, but wish they were dead
They live for the moment but are full of dread

Unforgiving minds dwell in despair
How to be free, they are not aware
They see their judgment as a fact in stone
Which they cannot alter or even postpone
They do not seek to change and do not repent
They do not free others but always resent
They do not question their thoughts of habit
And are afraid to change the world they inhabit
They only see what they expect to perceive
New ideas about life they will not receive

Since you taught yourself that sin is real
Teach yourself forgiveness in order to heal
For forgiveness is used to undo
All errors and make your life new
Sin melts before mercy’s light
And pardon does real joy ignite

You are the light of the world
The purifier of all hatred hurled
As long as people believe in retribution
Forgiveness will be your contribution
For pardon turns an enemy into a friend
So that life on earth does not end
For if revenge had had its entire way
Society would not have lasted to this day

As long as darkness does surround
Forgiveness will all the more abound
But when we have one error truly waived
The world will on that very day be saved
And forgiveness will not need to exist
For truth will come and errors not persist
And when we forget sin and begin to sing
We will see the onset of an eternal spring

(written c. March 2011)

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