The Ballad of Sean and Jenn

This is a poem about relationships and real love. It was written using ballad stanzas.

Some time ago, both Sean and Jenn
___Felt happy just to be
Within each other’s loving arms
___Beneath a shady tree.

The two had even planned their lives:
___They’d planned their wedding day,
And from their parents’ houses they
___Would quickly run away.

They’d planned their lives and named their kids,
___Their children unconceived;
They couldn’t ask for more than this,
___The union they’d achieved.

But over time, their flame grew cold,
___And Jenn did not know why,
But every time that Sean was curt,
___She felt the urge to cry.

How could the love they’d built upon
___Be castles in the air?
How could their passion turn to dust?
___It all felt so unfair.

Then Sean seduced another girl
___And broke the heart of Jenn;
And Jenn refused to be consoled:
___“He’s just like other men!”

Then Jenn returned to Mother’s house;
___She wept both day and night;
She found it hard to eat or sleep;
___She couldn’t bear her plight.

But after many days like this,
___She turned another page,
And she began to live again—
___She’d reached another stage.

One day she walked into the woods
___And sat beside a stream;
She felt a peace she’d never known—
___It seemed just like a dream.

She thought of Sean and saw her past;
___She didn’t miss that life;
She felt a calm although she knew
___She’d never be his wife.

Alone, she felt a truer love
___Than she had ever known;
It filled her heart with peace and joy,
___Became her cornerstone.

And all the love and happiness
___She thought she’d had with Sean,
They were not like the love she’d found,
___For those had come and gone.

As she accepted this new love,
___It healed her broken heart;
And with the peace within her now
___She made a brand-new start.

If this is peace and this is love,
___Where do they both come from?
The more I need, the more I get—
___Their depths I cannot plumb.

There has to be a deeper well
___That gives its waters free;
It gives more life and gives more love
___Than romance gave to me.

This source of love is all we need—
___It’s free just like the air;
Though I can’t see this love I’ve found,
___I feel it everywhere.

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