When Does a Dog Cease to Be a Dog?

Once upon a time, there was a family called the Smiths. The Smiths had always wanted a pet, so when their neighbor’s dog had puppies, and the puppies were being given away, they eagerly adopted one.

As soon as they got the puppy, the Smiths had it neutered, so it could not reproduce as dogs normally do.

Then the Smiths put a chip in their dog’s neck so it could not run away and get lost or roam the neighborhood with other dogs as dogs usually do.

When the dog grew a little larger, it began to have a loud and annoying bark, so the Smiths bought a new collar for their dog. Each time the dog barked, it was shocked by the collar, and so the dog quickly learned not to bark as dogs usually do.

When the dog needed to go outside, it usually scratched on the door. After this activity had destroyed a couple of doors, the Smiths had the dog’s nails removed so the dog could not scratch or dig as dogs usually do.

As the dog got even larger, it became hard to control while it was on its leash. So, the Smiths bought a choke collar so the dog would not try to run and pull its owners along. After a while, even when it was not on its leash, the dog learned not to run as dogs normally do.

As their dog aged, it began to shed more and more hair, so the Smiths decided to shave off all of the dog’s hair. The dog could no longer stay warm in the winter, like other dogs, without wearing a sweater.

One winter day, the Smiths let their dog outside, but they forgot to let it back in before they left for a Christmas party. Later that night, after they had returned home, they found their hairless dog dead and frozen by the back door.

The Smiths were very sad, but they decided to have a nearby taxidermist stuff their dog so they would always remember it. And whenever they missed their dog, they could pet its peach fuzz skin. And now they finally had what they had been wanting for a long time—a pet.

I believe that there is some kind of lesson or moral in this story, for dogs and perhaps also for humans, but I will let you decide for yourself what that lesson is.

One thought on “When Does a Dog Cease to Be a Dog?

  1. Hermosísima y triste historia a la vez..me deja pensando, tal como sugerís, Alan, en tantos otros ejemplos de la vida…..es que a esta altura la humanidad ha encontrado “una solución” para casi todo, (casi todo)…. La lista puede ser tan extensa seguramente si nos pudiéramos detener a pensar…
    ¡Muchas gracias!

    Liked by 1 person

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