The Inner Voice

This poem is about choosing to listen to the Holy Spirit rather than the ego, or about choosing forgiveness rather than attack. It was written using iambic tetrameter and couplets.

The inner voice, the ego’s words,
Can make chaotic sounds like birds,
And when the inner words commence,
We find they don’t make any sense,

For they’re produced by guilt and fear,
And words of truth do not appear.
But in the stillness of the day,
We gently throw false words away;
We meditate on unity,
And overlook the mess we see.

We welcome thoughts that come from God,
Although, at first, they just seem odd,
For we are used to noting wrongs,
And cannot hear eternal songs.

Those songs repeat a clear refrain,
That only thoughts of God are sane;
We needn’t heed the ego’s voice,
All we must do is make a choice;
Our minds grow calm when we elect
To overlook the incorrect.

Illusions need not our support—
Attacking sin will just contort
And twist our minds with hate and rage,
And fear will be our daily wage,
For we will fear revenge attacks
On our exposed and guilty backs.

But when forgiveness is sent out,
We will be calm and have no doubt
That we’re forgiven just like those
Whom we forgave and sent repose.

For now we choose to hear our friend,
The Holy Spirit, till the end;
The ego’s words will not profane
Our peaceful heart and quiet brain.

(written c. June 2019)

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