Shellshocked By The Future

This poem is about anxiously anticipating the end of the world. It was written in iambic tetrameter, couplets, and quatrains.

How will the world we know expire:
By wind or rain or scorching fire?
Economy, will it soon fall?
We’ll crash into a solid wall?

Intoxicated by old words,
By which the earth is razed by thirds;
How can we live our present life,
Expecting future pain and strife?

We’re shellshocked by a future near,
And though some drink away their fear,
Some others follow experts’ tips,
As they prepare their private ships.

The tests and trials we will face:
Can we be set, or even brace?
No precedent our life prepares,
For nothing in the past compares.

Will we be glad when it has come?
Will pain and stress make senses numb?
Or will it make us lose our minds,
As each of us our molars grinds?

For earth, the end will simply be
A self-fulfilling prophecy?
For expectations can direct
A course, and future lives affect.

Are we directed to the end
By forces we don’t comprehend?
Is there a God who does all plan?
Is this all part of his exam?

Are we just facing our results?
Mistakes we’re making as adults,
Return to teach a lesson right,
To help us change and seek the light?

We’re shellshocked by a future near,
A future that is far from clear,
But when we’ve reached the other side,
Will we be glad we still abide?

(written c. December 2018)

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