This is a free verse poem about an out-of-body experience (OBE).

When life has lost its luster
And food has lost its flavor
When your relationship is more
Like a prison than a pleasure

When your search for another partner
A better partner, or multiple partners
Leaves you jaded and without hope

When each day that you arise
Seems just like another day
When work has become a rote
And you long to escape

Remember that there’s a state
In which happiness is found…

Just for an instant, stop…

Lie down upon your bed…

Release the ties that bind
And fly above the ground
It isn’t like a dream
It’s as real as real can be

Your spirit feels as free
Or freer than a bird
It keeps growing and expanding
Until all space is filled
And still it keeps expanding
Into the infinite universe

Is this the love you sought?
Being one with the whole?
There is no memory of sadness
Just a peace and joy throughout

Your spirit knows its place
It knows that it is home

You have but one desire left:
To tell this to the others
And share this joyous state

So you descend, contract
And slide into the body
Lying on your bed

(written c. November 2019)