This poem is about faith and trust. It was written using iambic tetrameter, couplets, and sexains (six-line stanzas).

We trust the One in whom we dwell
Will free us from the pain of hell,
For fear has crept into our mind:
We fear that we’ll be left behind,
That Oneness will not take us in,
That He’ll forever punish sin.

But Oneness cannot let us fall
Into a void—it’s One for All;
In Oneness there’s no empty space:
It has no gaps, so take your place
Within the arms that keep your soul
In union with the greater Whole.

We trust that One will guide the way
Through darkest night and light of day;
We have no wisdom of our own,
We only know what we are shown;
The larger picture of this place,
We cannot see without His grace.

We trust our bodies will remain
As long as Oneness does ordain,
But we will let our bodies go,
And will not tarry with our woe,
For other realms request our soul,
And earth is not the end or goal.

We trust that we will find the love
That we have yearned for, there above;
We trust He’ll make our minds as clean
As when the Garden was serene;
We trust that we’ll be welcomed in,
As we forgive each other’s sin.

(written c. November 2019)