The Ghost That We Don’t See

This poem is about the economy, which we often hear about but never see. It was written using iambic trimeter, couplets, and quatrains.

I’ll tell about a ghost
That we all fear the most;
He’s one that we don’t see,
He’s called Economy.

This ghost has led the world
Since nations’ flags unfurled;
Now people long for gold,
Their greed can’t be controlled.

As youth, we tend to learn
He is a master stern;
We work and sweat and slave
Until we reach the grave.

The experts read the leaves,
And everyone believes
The ghost must be regaled,
So lives won’t be derailed.

The ghost lives on a whim,
No one can follow him;
Just when you think he’s well,
Your savings go to hell.

Inflation is a joke
He tells to make us broke;
Deflation’s just his way
To force a disarray.

The leaders cannot smile
As they walk up the aisle;
They know the ghost holds sway,
And that they must obey.

What do we really get,
But pain and stress and debt?
Why do we serve the ghost,
And always act as host?

Must we all live in need,
And for our handouts plead?
Is there another way
To live and never pay?

To exorcise this shade,
We must not be afraid;
We can all live without
His dark and selfish clout.

We can live once again
As free and happy men,
When we reject his role,
Remove him from our soul.

To have abundance now,
We only should allow
A spirit that gives all,
Alike to great and small.

(written c. November 2019)