One and Many

This is philosophical discussion between One and Many. It was written using couplets and iambic tetrameter.

While One was thinking timeless thoughts,
Against him Many fired some shots;
And Many said, “It’s plain to see
That Truth belongs to folks like me;
For objects clearly come in shades,
As one gets bright, another fades;
Each object has a special form,
And different objects are the norm;
Dividing things by shape and hue,
I shatter thoughts that come from you.

“The thought that Oneness had some Truth
Dissolved when men outgrew their youth;
For now they know the Ego’s right;
It turns each day into the night;
Religion was a force for One,
But it was trapped in webs I spun;
For I divide all unities,
They fall apart, the center flees.”

Then One replied, “I hear your case,
But your own thoughts still have as base
The Oneness that you would debate,
So listen well and stem your hate.

“Beyond what people see and hear,
Exists a light that shines so clear;
Connecting all, its Truth is real,
The different parts, it seeks to heal.

“But Many is illusion’s child,
A spawn that makes the whole world wild;
For people thought their lives were done,
They thought they had destroyed the One,
But all their guilt and all their fear
Could never dim eternal cheer;
For I could never be destroyed,
Though thoughts and actions were employed.

“The people show that Truth is Light,
For they take pains to prove they’re right;
If there was not a Truth at last,
All efforts from the distant past,
Up to today, would be a waste,
And Truth would be a shadow chased.

“It is amazing you don’t see
That your attacks on Unity
Suppose that we can comprehend
Each other’s words, and minds can blend;
Communication is assumed—
Without that base, all would be doomed;
Though sometimes words that people use
Just cut, attack, deceive, or bruise,
The fact is that the One abides,
This final Truth will join all sides.”

(written 2019)