Dealing With Mister D

This is a parallel sonnet about three ways that people deal with death.

Some people fear the reaper’s ashen face,
This terror haunts them as they plan their lives,
Suppressing fear, they try to run their race,
But all the while they know that none survives.

Some people court the death that is their fate,
They dress in black and don the Gothic style,
Despite their fears, they tend to gravitate
To death and doom, and greet them with a smile.

Some people feel that life goes on and on,
That death is just a door to longer life,
They neither seek nor shun, when time is gone,
That open door that ends their days of strife.

Some fear their fate and fight against the night,
Some flirt with death and try to face their fright,
Some feel that life’s forever filled with light.

(written c. July 2019)