The Great Purification

This poem is about the purification of the mind and the earth. It is based on ideas from the book A Course in Miracles. It was written in iambic tetrameter and blank verse.

In all we see and hear and touch,
There lives a soul that mirrors us,
For nothing on the earth is dead,
All can perceive and think, in truth.

The problem is that something’s wrong
With our perception of the world;
We see ourselves as separate
And other life’s the enemy;
We’re isolated from our kin,
We’re lonely, though surrounded by
A family of unity.

In truth, two foes are in our mind—
The twins of guilt and fear destroy
The peace and oneness we deserve.

If guilt were based on something true,
Then we could never find release;
But we cannot destroy what’s real,
So sin and guilt must not be true.

We can destroy the physical,
But what can change does not exist,
And guilt cannot be based on acts
That ruin what does not exist;
So guilt does not have legs to stand,
And we are still as we were made.

On earth, our guilt is tragedy,
As long as we believe it’s real,
For guilt makes us lose all our peace,
It makes our minds go wild with fear.

We fear we will be punished for
The sins that we believe are real,
And fear, the twin of guilt, conceals
The love of which we form a part;
And fear makes us attack the foes
We see around our fragile flesh,
And these attacks increase our guilt,
And make us fear revenge attacks.

This vicious cycle made the world
A vengeful place of fear and guilt,
But we can leave this cyclic mess—
We only need to do two things.

The first thing we must learn to do:
We must relinquish all attack;
This is the way to conquer guilt,
And keep it from regaining ground.

The second thing that we must do:
We must forgive until our minds
Are wholly pure, as they once were.

With these two tools, we will regain
Our sanity, and recognize
The self that God created by
Extending all his attributes.

The love and joy and peace we are
Can be destroyed in time alone;
Eternity will never know
The madness here that brings distress.

For heaven knows about the truth,
And nothing here can add a spot
Of darkness there, where all is one.

When from the earth, all fear and guilt
Have been removed, we will not stay
Upon the earth, for God himself
Will lift us up into the realm
Where heaven’s light forever shines.

(written c. October 2019)

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