The Wings of the Spirit

This poem is about leaving the world without fear. It was written using couplets.

If there is for spirit a reason
To stay in this world for a season,
Is it not to reveal to another spirit
The voice of reason until it can hear it?

For reason says the world here is base,
It cannot be a spirit’s resting place,
For a spirit cannot be at peace
While it must its material home lease.

In a world where bodies always change,
And all the elements rearrange,
Can a spirit find security
In birth, growth, and maturity?

For then the spirit must find and await
The death that is its unquestioned fate,
But if a spirit looks past physical things
It will find that it really has wings
That can take it beyond material stuff
When of this world it has had enough.

But before it leaves the world in haste
It does not its physical life waste;
It will attempt with all that it knows
To convince others wherever it goes
Not to see death as a fearful end
But as a dear and welcome friend.

And when more spirits have found
That they are not chained to this ground,
They will take off and fly up as one
Like a flock of birds towards the sun.

And all the world will disappear
With all the stress, sorrow, and fear,
And the loss of the world will not pain them,
For it will only serve to unchain them;
And all errors and mistakes will be righted
When all of creation is forever united.

(written c. June 2011)

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