Just a Pawn

This poem is about will, power, and responsibility. It was written using iambic tetrameter.

A citizen absorbs the news,
He can’t be blamed if nothing’s true;
He watches screens and reads reviews,
And casts his vote as others do;
His sons and daughters sit in pews,
And leaders think they’ve scored a coup.
The common man can’t take the blame—
He’s just a pawn within the game.

A soldier walks through desert sands;
He does his duty as he’s told;
He’s not concerned for foreign lands;
He’s paid his dues though he’s not old;
He must endure the war’s demands
No matter how the plans unfold.
He won’t win medals, wealth, or fame—
He’s just a pawn within the game.

While watching people on his screen,
He catches prey and loudly swears;
Though others call his job obscene,
He’s working for the man upstairs;
Though seeing all, he is not seen:
These warriors shoot from office chairs.
Though watching all and lacking shame,
He’s just a pawn within the game.

The man of sin controls the earth;
He has some plans that he won’t share;
He regulates each death and birth
From deep within his secret lair;
Though he has strength, he’s only worth
What he can steal from land and air.
Though he can slander, kill, and maim,
He’s just a pawn within the game.

Now Satan is a leader grim,
And all his demons share his views;
Though many people follow him,
The others he can just accuse;
Though he can tear men limb from limb,
He can’t take souls if they refuse.
Though he will feel the burning flame,
He’s just a pawn within the game.

The King of kings has only one
Concern for His creation now;
He doesn’t want to end our fun,
Or force us to obey and bow;
He wants His will to ever run
Through all of us—if we’ll allow.
When wills unite and will the same,
There won’t be pawns within the game.

(written January 2020)

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