Our Guiltless Reality

This is an essay about the book A Course in Miracles and how it relates to my poems. You can read my poems from the category A Course in Miracles Poems here.

Some of the poems that I have written contain ideas from the book A Course in Miracles. The Course indicates (and I believe) that it came from Jesus. The Course has answers to all of our real questions and to many questions that we have never thought to ask.

The Course teaches that guilt is our main problem and that a certain type of forgiveness is the solution. We feel guilty because we believe that we have attacked God, or sinned, and that our attack was successful. However, our guilt is false guilt because God and everything that he creates is eternal and changeless and cannot be threatened.

The Course teaches that there is only one will: God’s will, which he shares with us. We can have wishes that contradict God’s will, but those wishes are powerless to change reality. Our wishes cause us to be unaware of reality and to exist in a dream-like state, in which we have many fears and nightmares. The solution to all this is to realize that we cannot really change or hurt God or ourselves, and that we have never sinned and are not guilty.

This world was made as an attack on God. This world, with its separate bodies and parts, contradicts God’s reality of oneness. But the moment we started to separate from God in our minds and with this world we made, God created the Holy Spirit to guide us back to awareness of God. What we accept into our minds has reality for us as individuals while we believe in it, but that doesn’t mean that what we accept into our minds always has eternal reality.

We do have the freedom to contradict God in our illusory world, but we cannot contradict God in reality. In addition, we are not controlled by God, but united with God himself, in will, power, knowledge, and love. (Humans can influence and control each other in this illusory world, but that is only through the body. When the spirit is released from the body, it can return to complete freedom with God.)

Only our illusions can make us unaware of the fact that we are united with God. And when our lessons of forgiveness have been completed, and we realize that we have always been guiltless, we will no longer be afraid of God, but we will know and love him as he is. And when we accept God’s will as our own real will, we will have as much power and freedom as God, for there will be no other wills that seem to limit or contradict our own.

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