The Trial of Socrates (Stanzas 43 to 50)

The Trial of Socrates: A Poetic Interpretation of Plato’s Apology of Socrates (Part 7 of 12). Copyright © 2020 by Alan Steinle. All rights reserved.

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[43 of 83]
But they all sympathize with me;
They’re ready to assist my plea;
As many others clearly see,
They would reproach your enmity.
They know Meletus is untrue;
His hate and envy are undue.

[44 of 83]
Though I may be condemned today,
I won’t parade my wife and friends;
It simply isn’t my own way
To rouse emotions for my ends.
Although these actions may enrage,
I won’t seek pity at this stage.

[45 of 83]
I don’t think it’s becoming here
To supplicate at my old age;
Although I may seem cavalier,
I am not loath to turn the page.
Yes, some commit a shameful deed
When stooping low to beg and plead.

[46 of 83]
Some culprits think that they will ail
If they are put to death by men,
But that they’ll live forever hale
If they achieve a legal win.
Such people bring this city shame;
They tarnish Athens’ ebbing fame.

[47 of 83]
Those people should take all the blame,
Instead of those who calmly wait;
Their dramas are an ugly game,
And sometimes judges take the bait.
Such cowardice does not befit
A man, though judges may acquit.

[48 of 83]
O men of Athens, should a judge
Decide a case by means of laws?
Or should some favors make him budge,
As culprits flee the deathly jaws?
It is not right—he should be loath
To take a bribe or break his oath.

[49 of 83]
I won’t behave in such a way
To ruin justice by my acts;
If I did so, I’d prove today
An unbeliever by these facts.
O men of Athens, please discern
That justice is my first concern.

[50 of 83]
I am a strong believer in
The gods—more than Meletus here,
And more than many other men,
So let me make my purpose clear.
I’ll let the god and you preside;
My fate is what you will decide.

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