The Awakening

This poem is about bringing our thoughts and feelings into the light. It was written in iambic tetrameter and was partially inspired by the book Till We Have Faces by C. S. Lewis.

Like ostriches beneath the sand,
The world of light was not our land;
The only things that we could see
Were worms and darkness and debris.

Believing that the world was dark,
We feared to see the light, the spark,
That still shone through the sandy heap,
And we could not resist the sleep
That beckoned us, year after year,
For we still felt the pull of fear.

But now a blinding light has come
To all our thoughts and feelings plumb;
The sand is gone, but we can’t view
The world as we once used to do;
The light is blinding to our eyes
And leaves us with no dark disguise.

But after days without much sight,
We grew accustomed to the light,
And all became so clear and new,
It shone and sparkled in our view;
We realized the world was grand,
There were no limits to the land.

Yet we still wanted, just a bit,
To live in darkness, felt unfit
To live in such an open place,
We were afraid to show our face;
But after many days like this,
We opened up to light and bliss.

The many years we’d lived in dread,
And buried low our fearful head,
Were taken from our memory,
Except the hope to be set free
That we’d maintained while we were blind;
The light had come, brought to our mind
The love and faith that we’d expressed,
And it grew warm within our chest;
And, all around, the world rejoiced,
Its love and joy was amply voiced,
For joy could never know of loss
In this new world without a cross.

This parable reveals to men
That when they live their lives in sin,
And they’re afraid to see the light,
The light can come and put things right;
But they must do their part to shed
The thoughts of sin within their head,
And give up all the grudges grim
That make their lives so dark and dim,
Or they’ll reject the shining light,
Against its brightness they will fight,
Until the time they play their part,
Forgive their brothers from their heart.

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