The Covenant with Death

This poem is an interpretation of part of the Bible (Isaiah 28:9-22). I wrote it in 2011.

Who will follow God’s direction
And accept His correction?
The just-weaned little child
Wants his way and to run wild
But those who play in preschools
Need a thousand little rules
“Do it this way, don’t do that
Don’t be a spoiled little brat”
So your teachers will be foreign stutterers
And God will teach you through these mutterers
For you would not listen when He said
“Here is a place for you to lay your head
Take a rest and cease from your strife
Do not work so hard to save your life”
So God’s word is, “do this, don’t do that
Don’t always be a spoiled little brat
Sit down, eat your food, take a nap”
And this word to you will be a trap
For there will be many orders and rules
And countless commands for silly fools
And suddenly you will be broken
For this word the Lord has spoken:
Listen, you rulers of the land
I know what you have proudly planned
You have made a covenant with death and that’s why
You think the overflowing waves will pass you by
You have hidden yourself with lies
And deceit has become your disguise
So the Lord makes this proclamation
I have a tested stone for my foundation
And whoever believes in it will not flee
And he will not be disturbed by the frenzy
Justice will be the measuring line
And righteousness will levelness define
And hail will all of your lies displace
While waves overflow your hiding place
And your pact with death will not stand
Despite the agreement that you planned
And when the rushing waves flow
You will drown in their undertow
Whenever the waves pass through
You will discover terror anew
You will be frightened to understand
That you cannot their power withstand
They will pass through at any moment
And this passing you cannot prevent
On your bed you cannot find peace
For the rushing waves do not cease
For the Lord does an unusual work
And this strange task He does not shirk
So don’t be a proud scoffer any longer
Lest your bonds be made even stronger
For I have heard that God has planned
A time of destruction for all the land

(written c. March 2011)

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