Bible Prophecy

This post summarizes my poems about Bible prophecy and Jesus’ teachings.


Look among the nations! Observe!
Be astonished! Wonder!
Because I am doing something in your days—
You would not believe if you were told.
(Habakkuk 1:5, NASB)



In “How Long?” I retell Habakkuk 1-2, in which Habakkuk asks God how long the injustice will continue. The short book of Habakkuk makes a concise summary of what will happen in the end times.


In “Exiles in Babylon” I retell the story (from the Bible book of Daniel) of three exiled Jews who were thrown into a furnace of fire for not bowing down to Nebuchadnezzar’s idol of gold.

The Sermon on the Mount

In “Be Not Misled” I retell Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus warns his disciples that many will pretend to be Jesus, that there will be a great tribulation, and that they must remain alert.

The Assyrians

In “The Assyrians” a powerful group of people is described. This group is proud of their power, but they will be humbled by God in the end.

The Antichrist

In “The New World Order” I try to get inside the mind of the antichrist (or “man of sin”) and imagine what he might be thinking. This is, of course, a work of fiction.

Electromagnetic Energy

In “The Rain That Falls” I describe the effects of electromagnetic energy in the world, which might have been predicted in Isaiah 6.

In “A Bitter Sea” I liken electromagnetic energy to a sea that will overwhelm many. However, a few people (the “remnant” or “chosen ones”) will survive and live to see a new age of joy.

The Soul

In “Reinmachination” I create a fictional scenario in which a man dies and his soul enters a cyborg body.

In “No Exit” I imagine a spy’s soul being taken and put into various other bodies.

The Covenant with Death

In “The Covenant with Death” I describe those who think they can avoid death. Their covenant will be canceled in the end.


In “Your Smart Device” I liken smart devices to idols that are worshipped by people. People worship the devices that their own hands have made.


In “The Two Conspiracies” I contrast two types of conspiracies: secret and open, or limited and unlimited.

The New Covenant

In “The New Covenant” I retell the famous description of God’s new covenant with people, which can be found in Jeremiah 31.


In “A Permanent Peace” I retell Isaiah 8:5-9:7.

In “The Vineyard of the Lord” I retell Isaiah chapter 5, in which God’s people are compared to a grape vine.

Jesus’ Teachings

The Beatitudes

In “Blessed Are You” I versify the Beatitudes, which make up part of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.


In “Whom Do You Serve?” I present Jesus’ claim that one must choose to serve either God or wealth.

The Will of God

In “Just a Pawn” I present various characters who feel like pawns or prisoners until they choose to join the will of God.


In “Lies” I describe how difficult it is to avoid the confusion and lies of the present age.


In “If You Forgive Your Brother” I contrast the peaceful forgiving mind with the guilty and fearful unforgiving mind.


In “The Judge” I write about a man who gave up judgment.

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