Marriage Bonds

This is a poem about love and marriage. It was written using couplets, quatrains, and iambic tetrameter.

Though marriage bonds are sorely strained,
By many means they are maintained;
Although their love was just in name,
They stay together all the same.

When couples say their vows and wed,
They promise that they’ll never bed
Another lover—they will stay
Together till their dying day.

At first they’re bound by appetites
That overcome their petty fights;
Desire makes the sparks ignite,
So they can’t wait until the night.

When couples find that they’re not free,
They long to have what used to be;
They hate the fact that they’re enslaved,
That freedom was so rashly waived.

But they feel they would die of shame
If their one partner played a game;
If someone took their place in bed,
Then rage would fill their jealous head.

Though lust turns cool, and flames are ice,
The children born make them think twice;
They’re loath to hurt their offspring, thus
They stay together, though they fuss.

When money binds two partners tight,
Then sometimes one can’t see the light;
She has no means to leave her chap;
She feels that marriage is a trap.

When children leave for having grown,
The aging couple feels alone;
But for each other they grow fond,
And friendship strengthens their weak bond.

These are the bonds that make a pair;
It isn’t love that keeps them there;
For love and freedom are the same,
Though hate and bondage steal their names.

Yet hate and bondage never were
The way to make a friendship sure;
For we have always been as one,
And oneness cannot be undone.

Your body wants a body near;
Without a body, you feel fear;
You feel that you are all alone
Without a body that’s your own.

But spirit knows that love is real;
When we accept this, we will feel
A love that doesn’t change or shift,
For love’s our right, our endless gift.

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