A mandala that’s made of sand
is built by trained and skillful hand,
and when it’s ritually destroyed,
it shows that what has been enjoyed
upon the earth will soon be gone
but that our essence travels on.

Like mandalas, our world won’t last,
but if we cling to times long past,
we will not see what’s in our view,
the present moment we’ll eschew.
We’ll “live” within our memories,
those moments that we try to freeze.

Though life is movement, frozen thoughts
accumulate like hardened clots
that block the movement of our blood.
That life-supplying blood should flood
our bodies so we feel alive
and therefore grow and learn and thrive.

We need to flush our system out.
If we had faith and didn’t doubt,
we could abandon former thoughts
that make us feel like dull robots
and trust that spirit would inspire
us with the thoughts that we require.

When we regard a book as holy
and try to learn from scriptures only,
we disregard the Author of
our lives Who wants to share His love.
He would bestow on us His thoughts
and flush away our hardened clots.

The manual of instruction’s not
a book that’s filled with ancient thought.
Although each culture has its rites
and has received its own insights,
we should not cling to ancient ways,
for only what’s essential stays.

Because we are afraid of change,
our many objects we arrange
into fixed patterns so that we
won’t be surprised by what we see.
We have fixed buildings, gardens, streets,
relationships, replies, and seats.

If we could trust in Someone’s care,
in Someone Who is always there,
His gravity would always guide
our lives just like an ocean tide.
Our souls would last forever, and
the world would be mandala sand.

Photo by S C Hargis on Flickr.