A Permanent Peace

This poem is an interpretation of part of the Bible (Isaiah 8:5 – 9:7).

Further, the Lord said to me
Consider the people and see
These people have rejected the flow
From the gentle fountain of Shiloah
And they rejoice in Remaliah’s offspring
Namely, his son, Rezin, Syria’s king

Thus, the people will receive from the Almighty
The river Euphrates’ waters, deep and mighty
In the power of Assyria’s king and ranks
For the river will overflow all of its banks
And it will fill the breadth of your land
And rise up to your neck when you stand

Everyone who is through the land scattered
Surround yourself with shields, but be shattered
Prepare yourself for battle with the light
But you will be broken with all your might
Make a plan, but it will not stand
For God protects us with his hand

And the Lord spoke to me with great power
You are not to follow these people who cower
Who say, “It’s a conspiracy!” and hide in fear
For you are to trust that the Holy One is near
For some he will be a place of shelter
For others, a stone to trip over, helter-skelter
He will be a trap to many men
These will stumble and fall and be broken

Let my followers keep the testimony
And seal the law and the prophecy
I will eagerly seek the Lord’s holy face
I will wait for him to show it in this place
Behold, my children are for signs and wonders
From the Lord, whose power shakes and sunders

When they say, “Go to the mediums who speak lowly”
Go instead to the One who speaks clearly and slowly
Shouldn’t we choose to listen to the God who is here
And not speak with the dead whom we can hardly hear?
Return to the testimony and to the law
If we don’t follow this, we will have no dawn

But they will pass through the land in dire distress
And they will hunger without food to possess
And they will be furious as they stand on the sod
And they will look upward and curse their own god
They will look to the earth and find only gloom
For the darkness will all of these people consume

But let there be light for those who had mourned
For they had all given up their lives as scorned
Those who walk in darkness will see a great light
And it will shine on those who knew only night

And the people will be multiplied
And they will in gladness abide
It will be like the joy of the harvest
When a man shares the bounty with his guest

For the burden on your shoulders will fall away
And the rod of the oppressor will break on that day
And every bloody uniform and boot with briers
Will be tinder for burning and fuel for the fires

A son will be born to us, and he will keep us on track
For the government will rest upon his upright back
His government will not cease to increase
And the land will know a permanent peace
On the throne of David he will rule with fairness
And goodness will be in everyone’s awareness
The strength of the Lord will achieve what he intends
For the joy of the Lord increases and never ends

(written c. July 2013)