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The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs

This is a poem based on Aesop’s fable of the same name.

A couple was so poor they had
To work at chores all day.
But they received a gosling, for
A man gave her away.

Their gosling grew to be a goose.
She was not cooked for meat.
The couple gave her scraps and grass,
So she could also eat.

One day the couple saw that she
Had laid a golden egg.
The woman cried excitedly,
“We’ll never have to beg!”

The couple kept the goose inside,
So she would not get lost.
They fed her with the best of food.
They didn’t mind the cost.

Each day the goose gave up an egg,
But gold was coming slow.
The man was glad that they could rest
But dreamed their wealth would grow.

One day the man decided that
He wanted faster gold,
And he was worried that the goose
Would die, for she was old.

“We need to get the gold from her.
We must explore inside.”
The couple plucked and killed the goose.
She shuddered when she died.

The man and woman were upset—
There was no gold within.
Their greed was greater than their wealth,
And they grew poor again.

Though some cannot restrain their itching greed,
Contentment is a wealth that fills our need.

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