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The Sun and the North Wind

This is a poem based on Aesop’s fable of the same name.

The sun and north wind were at odds.
Each boasted of his might.
But who was stronger, after all,
And who was in the right?

At last they thought of something fair:
They’d try to win a game.
The one who made a man take off
His coat would win the fame.

The north wind was the first to try.
He thought that he would gloat.
The man was met with gale-force winds,
But he just grabbed his coat.

The harder that the north wind blew,
The more the man held fast.
The north wind blew one final gale
And then gave up at last.

And now the sun could take his turn.
He gently shone his rays.
The man began to loosen his
Tight coat before the blaze.

But when the sun used all his strength,
The man began to fret.
And he took off his coat with speed,
So that he wouldn’t sweat.

When power doesn’t help us win the game,
Then kind persuasion helps us with our aim.

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